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Bitetti Combat

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Terms and Conditions

For usage of the websites sourced via the url

1. Submission of a our online booking form by you amounts to an offer. We are deemed to accept that offer if 24 hours passes after our automatic confirmation Email is sent out (or a confirmation letter) without us declining your booking.

2. Copyright in all materials remains vested in us or the promoters we work with.

The Content

3. We will enable your computer to have access to the relevant video content as the specified events occur. A test stream will be available one hour prior to the event taking place.

4. All reasonable effort will be made to ensure that the specified events takes place on the specified date however we make no guarantee. There will be no right to cancel for those who have purchased in the event that we need to re-schedule the event. bitetti also reserves the right to substitute events in case events beyond its reasonable control prevent the events from occuring. There will be no right to any refund or cancellation in these circumstances. We also reserve the right to change the subject matter of the broadcast and the time and date but will notify any changes via the website.

5. We use state of the art technology to deliver streamed video access to the events which is compatible with most internet browsers. We are not liable, and are not obliged to waive the fees, if you cannot view the content due to firewalls, other hardware or software issues within your organization, or failure of any technology used by you. We also exclude any and all liability for 3rd party technology failure outside the direct control of bitetti

Payment and Pricing policy

6. Payment is due immediately by credit card. We retain the right to make changes to our pricing structure as market condition require. This may include conversion to a free service and in this event susbcribers understand and agree that they will not be entitled to a refund.

Distribution of Access Links and Material

7. The fee paid covers access to the courses for a single computer. Further copying or onward distribution of the events is forbidden.

8. You consent to us monitoring the number of computers which access the courses and their IP address in order to ensure that the access URL has not been distributed beyond those authorized to view the courses under this agreement.

Exclusion / Limitation of liability

9. We may substitute events for the advertised events in the event of cancellation by the promoter or other matters making it impractical show the event.

10. Neither we, nor the promoters we work with, are liable for any errors or omissions in the events.

Use of Client logo's

11. As a condition of usage bitetti are entitled to refer to the client's usage of the service and publish their logo across our network of websites.

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