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Bitetti Combat

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Watch The Bitetti Combat from Brazilia, Brazil - LIVE PPV and *VOD (Video on Demand)

* VOD will be available for all paid customers shortly after the live stream broadcast ends.

Order Bitetti Combat VI LIVE PPV Now for $12.95. and get a 10 days FREE access to VOD (Video on Demand)

Order Bitetti Combat VI VOD (Video on Demand) Now for $7.95 and get a 7 days Free Access to VOD so you can come back and re-watch the show as many time you want until the 7-day prepaid VOD access expires.

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Grab and Pull
  • Washington will face Thales Leites on Bitetti card in Brazil
  • 23/02/2010 17:52
  • Washington, who trains with Sergio Cuhna at Minnesota Fight Factory, will face U....Read more
  • Official Card - Bitetti Combat VI
  • 23/02/2010 14:10
  • Bitetti Combat VI - LIVE ON PPV Nilson Nelson Gymnasium, Brasilia, Brazil -Fe....Read more
  • Update on Paulo Filho
  • 23/02/2010 9:13
  • From Over the weekend, event promoter Amaury Bitetti announced th....Read more
  • Thales Leites - Replaces
  • 22/02/2010 9:58
  • Paulao is taking care of his problems so we came up to this decision. I think....Read more
  • Watch Bitetti Combat 6 Live on PPV
  • 18/02/2010 19:41
  • Watch Bitetti Combat 6 Live on PPV....Read more

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